FasTag System

The FASTag system has two components – a card and a scanner. The FASTag card is usually pasted on the windscreen of a car and the scanner is placed at the toll plazas on highways. The card on the car communicates with the scanner at the toll plaza using the RFID technology. As soon as the car crosses the toll plaza, the requisite toll amount is automatically deducted from a bank account or a prepaid wallet linked to the FASTag.

The owner of the FASTag then gets an SMS alert on the deduction of the amount. The alert is similar to that of money getting debited from an account or a walle

Benefits of FasTag System

  •  Ease of payment-There is no need to stop at tolling centre for any cash transaction
  •  Ease of recharge, FASTag can be recharged online using internet banking, debit or credit cards
  •  Online Portal for users